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Wooden Top & Shirt Hangers

The Hanger Store is your online source for the best top shirt hangers for any shirt, blouse, t-shirt, coat, jacket, overcoat or tank top.

Tired of your shirts and tops getting stretched out or slipping off their flimsy mismatched hangers? Upgrade your closet to sturdy matching wooden top hangers that are built to last. Create a closet that looks and feels good with these elegant hangers that will preserve your clothing.

Our standard 17″ top hangers are made from ½ inch thick natural hardwood. They are contoured to hold all your shirts, blouses, and jackets gently without slipping. The matching notched versions are perfect for all your tank tops and strapped gowns.

Choose from several natural hardwoods with light or dark finishes to turn your cluttered closet into a worry-free wardrobe. We also offer wooden bottom hangers with matching finishes to coordinate all your garments in one place. Add your name, initials or logo on custom top hangers for an extra personalized touch. They also make a great gift and add a touch of class to your shop or business.

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