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Wooden Coat Hangers with Clips

Don't hang your coats on flimsy old hangers that slip. Upgrade to these sturdy ½ inch thick hardwood coat hangers with clips and never worry again.

These are the perfect hangers for your coats, blazers, suit jackets and even shirts. Never go searching for your outfit again; chrome or brass clips keep the matching slacks locked until you need them. Plus, rows of matching wooden hangers mean your closet is organized and easy to navigate.

Available in 17″ or 18″ in a variety of colors and finishes, these coat hangers are ideal for men’s or women’s wardrobes. They also look great in an entryway coat closet and hold everything from kids’ rain gear to leather jackets. We also offer a clipless version and a customizable version with your emblem or monogram. There’s a version to match every home and every need.

Bonus hack: Your kids can hang their coats and clip their gloves all in one place!

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