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Wooden Bottom & Pants Hangers

Buy Wood Bottom Hangers for pants, skirts, dress slacks, dresses, shorts or trousers from the industries producer of premium quality wood garment hangers since 1915.

Preserving your fine woolen slacks has never been easier. These 14″ or 17″ wooden bottom hangers ensure that your best pants are neatly hung without crease or wrinkle. Choose to clip or drape them over the locking drop bar and never worry if you’ll find your pants on the floor the next day.

You’ll find these work so well on slacks that you’ll want them for all your bottom wear. Your corduroys, pants, trousers and even those ripped up weekend jeans you love will look amazing stored in a neat line.

No matter the garment, your closet will benefit from the touch of class these hangers bring. They also work great for dresses, skirts and kilts. The brass or chrome clips are endlessly versatile for anything you hang on them.

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