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Painted Clothing Hangers

The Hanger Store is your online source for Painted, wooden clothes, garment hangers, metal suit and pant hangers, wood kids clothing and satin hangers and custom ordering. Since 1915, hangers designed to satisfy your entire shirt, pants, skirts & clothes hanger needs.

Hanger Store provides premium Painted clothing hangers with a locking drop pant bar that are great for holding anything from complete suits with a jacket, to shirts, pants, and skirts. These wooden closet hangers come in 10″, 12″, and 17″ in size, made from 1/2 inch thick Natural Hardwood and have a contour design. They fit most mens and womens sized suits, coats, jackets and dress shirts. Currently available in a painted black or white finish. We also offer Custom Painted Hangers.

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