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Deluxe Wooden Suit Hangers

Buy Luxury Wooden Suit Hangers with Locking Pants Bars for wide sholdered and oversized clothes, pant suits and shirts.

Don’t trust your fine suits to any other hanger.

These luxurious hangers are a solid 1″ thick in the center and flare to 2″ thickness at the shoulders for premium support of all your suitcoats and blazers. All come with a lock drop pant bar to ensure your pants never wrinkle or slip off.

We offer our deluxe suit hangers in two sizes. The standard-sized 17″ cedar hangers are the finest you will find and a must for those special garments. They come in an attractive natural finish that looks great and keeps insects and moths away.

The 18.5″ hangers provide extra contoured luxury for wide shoulders and oversized men’s and women’s clothing. Hang your suits, coats, dress shirts, and slacks with confidence. These are the premium version of our wooden suit hangers and are also available customized with your name or emblem.

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