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Cedar Wood Clothing Hangers

The clothing in your closet is a huge investment. Any closet must have high-quality clothing hangers to protect delicate blouses, suits, pants, and tops from serious wear and tear. Hanger Store delivers by offering beautiful and long-lasting cedar clothing hangers.

The Many Benefits of Cedar Clothing Hangers

Cedar clothing hangers are beautiful hangers that add style to any closet. Yet, there are additional benefits to choosing cedar wood over other types of hardwood materials.

For example, cedar wood is known to keep moths and other insects away thanks to its earthy scent. Cedar can protect your sweaters and other clothing items from the holes moths create over time. Plus, the scent repels other odors that can occur in your closet.

Cedar wood hangers are also very strong and durable, lasting a lifetime if used properly to store clothing items. Cedar will hold suits, heavy coats, sweaters, and other garments easily without bending or warping. This prevents your clothing from slipping and falling to the floor of your closet, which can often result in tears, rips and holes.

Types of Cedar Hangers We Offer

Hanger Store is proud to offer cedar wood hangers to fit your closet needs. Whether you wear suits every day or need a hanger for your delicate tops, we have an option for you. Our three types of cedar hangers include:

  • Deluxe cedar wood suit hanger: These 17-inch natural blonde cedar wooden hangers are perfect for keeping suit jackets and pants together. Plus, the clear finish will add elegance to any closet.
  • Cedar wood top hanger: These 17-inch top hangers will hold any size top. They’re perfect for dress shirts, camisoles, blouses and more. Plus, they’ll protect even the most delicate of tops from wear and tear.
  • Cedar wood bottom hanger: Looking for a simple way to hang your jeans, slacks and suit pants? These 14-inch cedar wood bottom hangers are a great choice.

Since 1915, Hanger Store has been manufacturing some of the highest quality wooden hangers on the market. You can trust that the hangers you receive will protect your clothing for years to come.

Need Cedar Clothing Hangers? Order in Bulk Today!

If you need high-quality cedar clothing hangers, you’ve come to the right place. And if you’re a hotel, hospital or other business requiring hangers, we offer bulk and wholesale pricing to fit your needs. To learn more about bulk pricing options, contact us or shop now.

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