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Metal Suit & Clothes Hangers

At the Hanger Store, we offer heavy gauge metal hangers in several colors, including white black and brown.  We sell to fine clothing stores, international fashion designers and shops, department stores and hotels. As the premier online source for hangers, we also ship to individuals who want our high-quality hangers in the closets of their homes.

Metal Hanger Options

We offer two styles of pre-fabricated metal hangers:

  • Metal suit hangers, made of stainless steel and suitable for men’s and women’s suits, coats and shirts. Made of 3/16 inch steel rod, these hangers will last far longer than those that come from the drycleaner.
  • Metal suit hangers with clips that allow for attaching skirts and pants. The clips are moveable and are plastic-coated to protect clothing.

In addition, we offer your establishment the opportunity to order custom metal hangers. Finally, for retail store owners and others, we sell metal hangers in bulk, with attractive pricing discounts for orders of 100 hangers or more. Standard metal hanger sizes are 16.75 inches.

History of Metal Clothing Hangers

The first hanger manufacturers made clothing hangers out of metal wire. Before the 1860s, retailers and individuals alike either folded their clothes to store it flat on shelves, or they hung their items on pegs or hooks. The invention of the metal hanger was a big step forward in preserving clothing.

Because the shape of the hanger was based on the shape of human shoulders, clothing lasted longer. It did not stretch out from hanging on pegs. Hanging clothing also allowed it to air, in contrast to clothes folded and stored on top of each other. The hanger also saved space, an important consideration in an age when furniture was expensive and living spaces were small.

Metal Hangers Today

It was not until 40 years later that retail clothing businesses began to use metal hangers. Today, metal hangers are the norm. You can find them in clothing stores, laundries and dry cleaning stores. They can be quite substantial or very lightweight, depending on the type of metal and gauge of the wire used. Most commonly made from steel or aluminum, metal hangers can be plated or even dyed to match a retail store’s brand.

Contact The Hanger Store About Your Metal Hanger Needs

If you are interested in learning more about our metal hangers and discussing how the Hanger Store can help you, please telephone 800-229-4151 to speak with an experienced representative about your needs.  You may also complete our online contact form

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