Large Orders of Clothing Hangers

If you need a large quantity of high-quality clothes hangers, come to the Hanger Store, which sells clothing hangers in bulk. Individuals and businesses who buy clothing hangers in bulk from us receive the same product options and outstanding customer service as individual customers purchasing smaller numbers of wood, satin-padded and metal hangers.

Clothing Hangers Sold Since 1915

Hanger Store clothing hangers can be found in the finest hotels, boutiques, department stores and clothing shops. The principal reason for the popularity of our products since 1915 is the high quality craftsmanship and materials used in every hanger.  In addition, we offer a wide variety of hanger types and options, allowing customers to choose the hanger that is exactly right for their needs.

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Buy Wholesale and Save!

Save at least 15% on large or custom orders with wholesale pricing!

Wide Variety of Hangers Available in Bulk

Customers can purchase the following hangers in large quantities, either wholesale or retail (Bulk orders are those for more than 100 hangers of a particular type.):

Garment & Clothing Wooden HangersBulk Wooden Hangers

(14, 17, 18, and 18.5 inches) in a variety of styles and colors, including hangers for pants, skirts, coats, blouses, suits, children's clothing, and more.

Kid Garment & Clothing HangersBulk Kids Hangers

Natural wood child sized hangers for kids, juniors, babies, infants and toddlers. Available in hanger sizes of 10" and 12".

Garment & Clothing Metal HangersBulk Metal Hangers

(16.75 inches) with or without clips for pants or skirts

Padded Clothes HangersBulk Padded Hangers

(15.75 inches) for clothing made of silk and other delicate fabrics.

Options for Bulk Purchases of Clothing Hangers

Our bulk purchase hangers come in a variety of finishes, including white or black paint, and several types of wood, including cedar, oak, bamboo, walnut and maple. Our children's hangers are either white or natural wood. Padded hangers come in white only. Metal hangers come in a durable chrome-plated finish.

Contact Us for More Information About Bulk Hanger Purchases

Customers may purchases clothes hangers in bulk online in quantities of 100 or more hangers. As an added bonus, you can save at least 15 percent on large or custom orders with wholesale pricing. For more information, please call 800-229-4151 or contact us online.

Wholesale Inquiries

For Large or Custom Orders

Please fill out the form below to inquire about a wholesale order and see how you can at least 15% on your order:

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