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Why Wooden Hangers Are Sexy

Wooden hangers are sexy? You better believe it!

Think about it. How do you define sexy? Do words like curvaceous, sleek or natural come to mind? Wood hangers are all that, and more! They are sleek, polished, natural, curvaceous, warm and flexible. They command a noble first impression just by hanging in your closet. Wood hangers spoon into each other to keep your clothes perfectly shaped, so you look fantastic—and sexy.

Sleek & Polished

We craft our wood hangers from trees that grow abundantly in the forest, have shorter, stronger fibers and don’t produce much sap. The wood is easier to shape into soft curves that slip effortlessly inside your clothing. We give them a smooth, silky sanding and finish them with a sleek, attractive stain or bare polish that lets the natural color shine through.

Craftsman mill hangers from wood into sleek wood curves that keep your clothes hanging snag-free, wrinkle-free and full of body. They sand them to a super smooth finish that you’ll notice immediately when you hang your clothing.

Deluxe Wooden Suit Hangers

Natural & Curvaceous

We believe that using natural materials for anything that touches your clothing is a good thing. Could there be anything more sensual than shapely, raw, bare wood? We make our wood hangers from the best quality wood available, from forests harvested with the environment in mind. We never use old-growth wood or threatened species.

Natural wood hangers help keep you looking your natural best. No “hanger-puffed” shoulder points that can happen when knits and fine fabrics hang on thin plastic or metal hangers. Sexy, curvy wood makes everything stand out and look its best.

Warm & Flexible

Wood is one of the warmest natural materials there is. That’s why builders, designers and architects prefer using it in cooler climates. But wood is very temperature-neutral. It does not sweat or attract condensation in hot climates either like plastic or wire hangers can. Wire hangers can “bleed” or rust, staining clothing hanging on them for long periods of time.

Plastic can break under the weight of some heavier coats and garments and doesn’t “breathe” to accommodate changes in humidity levels in your house. Wood breathes, it can handle the weight of heavy items and stays warm to protect your clothing in all types of weather.

Luxurious & Elegant

Wearing clothes hung on our luxurious and elegant wood hangers make you look like you just stepped out of a high-end fashion photo shoot. Who wants to sift through a closet full of ugly and unattractive wire and plastic tangled-up hangers? Imagine, your beautiful lingerie or freshly-pressed white shirt falling all over the closet floor underneath a tangled mess of flimsy wire hangers?

Instead, you need a set of elegantly-polished wood hangers. Your wardrobe either belongs on you or hung on beautiful wooden hangers that mimic the curves in your shoulders to keep the creases out. They set off every piece of clothing beautifully.

Sexy Wooden Hangers Make You Sexier, Too

When you radiate confidence, you become irresistible. . . Wooden hangers help keep your clothes looking sharp, which keeps you confident. Every successful person knows that success is more attitude than ability. Walk the walk and look the part. Wrinkles and stains are for losers.

At the Hanger Store, we make it easy for you to take special care of your wardrobe. In fact, it’s been our passion for over 100 years. It would be our pleasure to help you keep your closet luxuriously organized.