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Wood vs. Metal Hangers for Coats & Shirts

It’s easy for us to place our new coats or shirts in our closets using the hangers the store provided or old, wire hangers we’ve had for years. Unfortunately, this leaves our garments susceptible to rips and tears. It’s also easy for them to slip the floor, leaving our closets a mess.

Wooden or metal hangers can keep your clothing secure while providing the closet organization you need. Yet, which do you choose? Is wood the better choice or should you go with metal?

The Differences Between Wood & Metal Hangers

Wood and metal hangers do have some differences, with the most obvious around the type of materials used for each part of the hanger. For example, wood hangers typically feature a wooden bar while metal hangers have a stainless steel bar. While wood hangers may come with metal components such as clips, the garment bar is made from hardwood and stained. Metal hangers include all metal components, from hook to clip.

Wood: The Better Choice for Coats & Shirts

If your wardrobe includes a wide range of suit jackets, coats and dress shirts, wood hangers are the best choice. These garments require the structure and durability that only wood can provide. For instance, wood hangers:

  • Withstand normal wear and tear: You use your coat hangers daily, so they must be durable. Wood hangers are resistant to wear over time. Plus, wood hangers fit nicely in your wardrobe without rubbing against one another.
  • Prevent rips and tears: The contoured wooden bars prevent your clothing from tearing or ripping when pulled. Jackets, dress shirts and suit coats slide off with ease.
  • Look great and fit all closets: Wooden hangers come in a wide range of colors to fit any home or business design aesthetic. Plus, they’re made to fit all types and sizes of closets.

Types of Wooden Coat Hangers

Hanger Store offers a wide selection of wooden coat hangers to choose from. For example, we offer bamboo coat hangers with notches and clips to hold complete suit sets. Or, you can take it back to basics with our clear natural wooden coat hangers.

Want to store your dress pants or skirts separately? We offer wooden bottom hangers complete with chrome clips. From cedar wood to hardwood, you’re sure to find a hanger to fit your wardrobe needs and style.

Start Organizing Your Wardrobe Today With Hanger Store

Ready to level up your wardrobe? We can help you select the perfect wooden hangers for your closet organization project. Whether you’re debating wood vs metal hangers for your coats and shirts or you’re looking for a complete overhaul, reach out to our team. Call us today at 800-229-4151 or send us a message.