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Why Wooden Hangers Are Superior to Plastic Hangers

You have plenty of choices when it comes to buying hangers. You can reuse the metal ones from the dry cleaners, use plastic hangers or invest in luxurious wood. Reusing metal hangers is economical and environmentally friendly. But, you can achieve the same goals when you purchase wood hangers too. They last a lifetime and you’ll rarely have to replace them. If you’re trying to choose between plastic and wood hangers, we think wood hangers are the superior choice.

No Bending, Breaking or Warping With Wood

Standard plastic hangers really can’t hold a lot of weight. Even premium plastic hangers have weight limits. The arms can break or bend under the weight of a heavy jacket or winter coat. The garment will either slip off the sagging, bending plastic arms or hang by the stub of the hook if the arms break off. Over time with too much weight on a plastic hanger, the hook can lose strength at the joint. Also, plastic hangers with bars tend to bend and warp when you hang even a slightly-heavy pair of jeans across the bar.

High-quality wooden hangers don’t break, bend or warp. Wood is one of the strongest natural materials available. We manufacture hangers made from reclaimed timber or managed forests and take advantage of the woodgrain’s most durable direction. Although some wood hangers have a weight limit to accommodate the screwed-in metal hook, most wood hangers can withstand the weight of heavy winter gear over an extended time frame. They don’t snap, warp or twist.

Your Clothes Will Last Longer & Look Better

If you’ve ever noticed what happens after you leave a nice sweater hanging on a flimsy plastic hanger for a season, you’ve gasped in horror. You pull the sweater out of your closet, only to find it misshapen; it has grown a couple of marshmallow-sized bulges on each upper arm where the hanger protruded into the fabric. Not only has the knit or woven fabric grown these little nubs, the weave is now stretched out or torn and likely, not repairable.

Wood hangers help your clothes last longer because their shape and durability protect them in your closet. Most wood hangers are slightly curved to match the natural way garments should hang, allowing the shoulder seam to rest slightly forward. Your clothing is cut and sewn together this way too, accommodating the fact that your body is not flat but curved and with depth.

Most plastic hangers have a flat design. Your clothes hang simply on them, like a piece of paper folded in half. On plastic hangers, your clothes could end up with this same crease, making you look like you’re wearing an envelope flap across your shoulders. Using wood hangers prevent this “envelope-flap” problem. When your clothes look better, you look better.

wooden-hangers-in-closetStart Your Day Off With an Organized Closet

You don’t need to have an expensive, custom-designed closet to stay organized. You can easily tone-down the messiness factor by simply replacing your menagerie of plastic hangers with wooden ones. A messy closet is overwhelming and costs you more money because you don’t even want to look at what’s in there.

Digging through a mess of tangled hangers stuffed into a small space make you just want to go out and buy something new. Chances are you have the right thing already in your closet and just need to find it. You even have an aversion to hanging up your clothes because you have come to despise the state of your closet. Little piles of things that you should be hanging up in your closet have started to grow in your bedroom. Even the exercise equipment has become a substitute clothing rack.

If that describes you, then investing in some quality wood hangers and a couple of hours of your time to organize your wardrobe will help you save money and stay calm at the same time. Instead of going out to buy more clothes or more hanging space, organize the space you already have.

Wood hangers keep your clothes evenly spaced, so you can find what you’re looking for. They keep your clothes from rubbing against each other and getting snagged, wrinkled, crushed, misshapen or worn. And the best part is that you won’t start your day all stressed out because you couldn’t find anything to wear in your closet. Now everything will be visible, organized and wrinkle-free. Add a bright light inside the closet door for an even better experience.

Your clothing will line up better and fit together nicely when everything is on the same kind of wood hanger. Collars and shoulders align more neatly, and your shirts and other garments just slide more easily when you’re selecting what to wear.

Call Us to Help You Select the Best Wooden Hangers for Your Wardrobe

There is nothing better than walking into an organized closest filled with elegant, beautiful wood hangers. Add a touch of nature by using cedar hangers simply for the pleasure of the scent or to prevent moth damage to your fine woolen garments.

Wood hangers come in a variety of colors and finishes and prices. There is an affordable option for everyone’s budget. Consider the kind of garments you’ll be hanging up and the weight when buying to ensure the best fit for your wardrobe. We are happy to help you select the best option. Give us a call to discuss your needs.