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The Best Hangers for Organizing Your Closet

There’s something about a clean closet that brings peace of mind. If you’ve got the time, you might as well do it right. And to do the job right, you’re going to want the right hangers.

Why Is Closet Organization so Important in the First Place?

It’s been proven that clutter affects your health. Humans become mentally bogged down by too much stuff in our lives. As a result, our mental health suffers. For instance, a study completed by UCLA determined that mothers who described their homes as “cluttered” had a stress hormone profile that included chronic stress.

In times of uncertainty, having a sense of control and order—even in small areas like closets—can create ripples of calm. To destress you must declutter and you can get started with your closet.

Start by Getting Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Holding onto stuff weighs us down. If it doesn’t make you happy, let it go. To get started, purge those outfits you never wear. Getting rid of those unused shirts and pants that no longer fit is a cathartic process that helps you rewire.

Once you purge, start placing everything back into your closet neatly.

Which Hangers Should I Use for Closet Organization?

Wooden hangers are a great choice to take your closet organization to the next level. Quality wooden hangers make your closet a smarter and happier space because they:

  • Protect and preserve your clothes for years to come
  • Give better support and prevent stretching or wrinkling
  • Maintain the shape and integrity of your valuable items
  • Maintain their own shape, even under heavier items like winter coats
  • Prevent clothes from slipping or catching, resulting in holes and damage

Not sure which wooden hangers are the best fit for your closet? Here are a few basics to get you started:

  • Wooden top hangers: These hangers are perfect for most shirts and blouses. They’re smooth and durable to ensure your garments never rip when you pull them off.
  • Wooden suit hangers: Do you have suits you need to preserve? Suit hangers do the job well to protect men’s and women’s suits, including dress shirts, slacks and skirts.
  • Wooden bottom hangers: Quality bottom hangers store pants, jeans, slacks and skirts neatly to prevent creasing.

Seize the Opportunity to Do Your Closet Right

Organizing your closet is an undertaking you probably won’t want to do more than once. Make this time count by using wooden hangers that protect your clothing and straighten your wardrobe. Need help selecting the perfect hangers for your closet? Send our team a message today.