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Not Using Wooden Hangers in Your Store? Rookie Mistake!

As a business-savvy retailer, you know that how you display your merchandise, greatly influences whether you sell it. If a customer walks into your store and finds a hot mess of clothes all smashed together on a rack, that customer is not likely going to waste time digging through anything.

Display is everything. It’s why jewelry stores show you diamonds on a luxurious, velvet cushion. How would that same diamond look on a piece of burlap or a paper napkin from the local deli? You’d think the store was a low-class pawn shop instead of a Fifth Avenue jewelry store. That diamond on a cheap paper napkin would look darn pathetic. You wouldn’t even consider purchasing it. You might even question whether it is real or not because it would lack brilliance and seem just lackluster.

Or, think about the labels on wine bottles. How often have you purchased one bottle over another, just because of the label on the bottle—even if the wine in the other one was ostensibly better? The point is that the same dress or shirt or luxurious coat can look like a cheaper version of itself on a flimsy metal or plastic hanger, barely justifying even half the price tagged. Packaging matters. Display matters.

If your clothes end up on the floor because the hangers they’re on break or bend or fold, everything else looks bad, too. If the clothes do manage to stay on the hangers after a day of possessed shoppers flip through them but they are all mashed together, customers will not even look at them. At that point, not only your merchandise looks bad, the entire retail space does too.

Here’s another example. Real estate listings. Would you even want to go look at a house that was in such disarray that it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in ten years? Real estate agents know that homes sell faster and for more money when they are staged beautifully, the rooms look in order and the clutter is removed. Agents would never post photos of the property in such a condition unless the merchandise, i.e. the home, was a distressed property or a foreclosure and not worth their time. Certainly, you don’t want customers to view the merchandise you’re selling as distressed or low quality.

Real estate agents use props to stage homes, so they look their best. Wood hangers do the same for clothing. They enhance the value of what you are selling by:

• Removing clutter from your racks
• Ordering garments into equidistant hanging positions on the rack
• Keeping hanging items from smashing into each other and damaging or wrinkling adjacent garments
• Reducing the losses you could face from garments snagging on decorative features, wire-hanger hooks or the sharp edges of broken plastic hangers
• Giving a fluid, real-life shape to hanging garments to better display their best features

Wooden Hangers Are an Investment in Your Business That Provides a Quick Return

At the Hanger Store, we help you sell better and sell more. We’ve been in the business for over 100 years and know how to help you display your merchandise so that your customers can easily find what they’re looking for and buy it.

We’re passionately convinced that our high-quality wood hangers can help you profitably display beautiful, high-quality clothing so that your merchandise sells quickly. Contact us for great pricing on bulk orders and watch how quickly you can master an upgraded look in your space. We are here to help!