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How to Hang Shirts on Hangers

All you have to do is place the shirt on the hanger and walk away, right? Believe it or not, there’s a right way to hang your shirts, delicate blouses and sweaters in your closet to avoid rips, tears and holes.

The First Step: Purchase High-Quality Wooden Hangers

Your first step is to purchase high-quality wooden clothing hangers if you don’t have any already. The right hanger makes all the difference when tidying up and organizing your closet. Plus, they protect your clothing from wear and tear, so your favorite top is always ready for a day out.

Hanger Store offers so many different types of wooden hangers, from heavy-duty coat hangers with clips to beautiful maple hangers for a variety of clothing items. We also offer clothing hanger sizes for men, women and children, so even the smallest of wardrobes can reap the benefits of high-quality hangers.

How to Hang Shirts on Hangers the Right Way

Ready to learn how to hang your favorite shirts on your new hangers the right way? It all depends on the garment. Let’s jump right in.

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are often neatly pressed with a collar that must stay in place. Start by placing your shirt on the hanger as normal. Then, make sure the shoulders are each positioned on the ends of the hanger correctly.

Now adjust the collar to ensure it’s smooth. Finally, button the collar buttons to prevent the collar from popping while in storage. This method will prevent unnecessary wrinkles and those annoying shoulder hanger marks.


Instead of hanging your sweaters like you would a typical top, fold the sweater vertically over the hanger bar. This prevents the sweater from succumbing to gravity, which can result in pulls and rips in delicate sweater materials.

Delicate Blouses

Do you have a satin blouse or a delicate top you wish to protect at all costs? We recommend using a padded hanger for added support.


T-shirts and casual tops are great simply folded and placed in your dresser. After all, they’re often made using materials that stretch over time. If you do hang them, use a high-quality hanger and any provided hanging straps attached to the inside of your top. These straps help hold the shirt in place.

Need High-Quality Hangers? We’ve Got You Covered.

The first step to ensuring your clothing lasts for years to come is to purchase high-quality clothing hangers. We offer a wide selection of hangers from wooden hangers to satin padded hangers. Shop our online store now or, if you need to purchase for your business, contact us for bulk pricing options.