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How to Hang Pants on a Suit Hanger

If you wear suits daily, you understand the struggle of keeping your clothes wrinkle-free and ready-to-wear straight out of your closet or wardrobe. To avoid wear-and-tear and wrinkles, you need a special-made hanger for your suit jackets and pants. A suit hanger gives you the organization and look your closet deserves and the functionality that you need.

What Makes a Suit Hanger Different Than a Normal Hanger?

Suit hangers are designed for men’s and women’s suits that require structure and heavy-duty strength. These hangers come in more sizes—including 17”, 18” and 18.5”—to accommodate suits, coats, jackets and dress shirts.

Another difference lies in the locking drop bar that secures dress pants and slacks to avoid wrinkling and wear. The bar features a piece that disconnects, allowing you to place your pants along the bar, securing them gently.

How to Hang Your Pants on a Suit Hanger

There are various methods used to hang dress slacks and pants on suit hangers. However, the locking drop bar makes it easy to hang your pants securely and with a perfect seam every time.

1. To get started, hold up your pants in front of you and grab the first two belt loops on each side of the zipper closure.

2. Bring the two belts loops into the center and pinch them together. Hold the fold from the inside with two fingers and the back of the pants with your other hand. You’ll now have a perfectly folded crease.

3. Fold the pants in half and prepare your suit hanger by popping the locking bar off the metal bar.

4. Slide your pants onto the metal bar and secure the locking bar back onto the hanger. Your pants are now ready to be placed into your closet.

Typical clothes hangers just won’t do for hanging high-quality suits, coats and dress shirts. Wooden hangers that stand the test of time are the best option.

Looking for High-Quality Wooden Hangers?

Hanger Store offers only the highest quality wooden hangers for your closet. From regular to deluxe suit hangers, we have what you need to properly care for your suits, dress slacks, pants and more. To order hangers that fit your needs perfectly, contact us for a quote today.