Who Really Uses Wood Hangers?

Who uses wood hangers?

Wooden hangers are not just for celebrities, business execs and boutique clothing stores. Anyone who wants an organized closet can turn to wooden hangers to keep their clothes looking camera-ready, wrinkle-free and dry.

Clothes make an impression. That impression can be good or not so good, depending on how much care you give those threads. After you’ve washed and ironed your clothes, a quality wooden hanger keeps them ready to go at a moment’s notice. Continue reading “Who Really Uses Wood Hangers?”

Not Using Wooden Hangers in Your Store? Rookie Mistake!

retail store wooden hangers

As a business-savvy retailer, you know that how you display your merchandise, greatly influences whether you sell it. If a customer walks into your store and finds a hot mess of clothes all smashed together on a rack, that customer is not likely going to waste time digging through anything.

Display is everything. It’s why jewelry stores show you diamonds on a luxurious, velvet cushion. How would that same diamond look on a piece of burlap or a paper napkin from the local deli? You’d think the store was a low-class pawn shop instead of a Fifth Avenue jewelry store. That diamond on a cheap paper napkin would look darn pathetic. You wouldn’t even consider purchasing it. You might even question whether it is real or not because it would lack brilliance and seem just lackluster. Continue reading “Not Using Wooden Hangers in Your Store? Rookie Mistake!”

Why Wooden Hangers Are Superior to Plastic Hangers

Why Wooden Hangers Are Superior to Plastic Hangers

You have plenty of choices when it comes to buying hangers. You can reuse the metal ones from the dry cleaners, use plastic hangers or invest in luxurious wood. Reusing metal hangers is economical and environmentally friendly. But, you can achieve the same goals when you purchase wood hangers too. They last a lifetime and you’ll rarely have to replace them. If you’re trying to choose between plastic and wood hangers, we think wood hangers are the superior choice.

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Why Wooden Hangers Are Sexy

Wooden hangers are sexy? You better believe it!

Think about it. How do you define sexy? Do words like curvaceous, sleek or natural come to mind? Wood hangers are all that, and more! They are sleek, polished, natural, curvaceous, warm and flexible. They command a noble first impression just by hanging in your closet. Wood hangers spoon into each other to keep your clothes perfectly shaped, so you look fantastic—and sexy.

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The Best Ways to Use Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers have always been the “gold standard” for displaying clothing in quality retail stores and for individuals who want to store their clothes and keep them in excellent condition in between seasons. We design high quality wooden hangers that serve different purposes depending upon your needs. The type of clothing you want to store, the season, the weight of the piece of clothing for example, all influence which hanger is best for storing your garment.

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How to Recycle Wooden Hangers


Well-made wooden hangers will last a lifetime. They are one of those special things that people even take with them when they move from house to house. When you purchase wood hangers, you’re investing in quality accessories that are hard to throw away or leave behind when you no longer need them.

Because they rarely break, you can reuse and recycle them many ways. We’ve put together some practical and some crafty ways to reuse your wooden hangers if you need to downsize your collection.

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