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The Best Ways to Use Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers have always been the “gold standard” for displaying clothing in quality retail stores and for individuals who want to store their clothes and keep them in excellent condition in between seasons. We design high quality wooden hangers that serve different purposes depending upon your needs. The type of clothing you want to store, the season, the weight of the piece of clothing for example, all influence which hanger is best for storing your garment.

Not surprisingly, all hangers are not created equal. Wood is a sturdy and natural product which makes it the perfect complement to both your fine and delicate pieces and your heavy winter garments. You’ll never worry that the fake coloring in plastic hangers or rust from metal ones will leech out onto your clothes during off-season storage. Wood holds its shape for decades, long after plastic and metal hangers have cracked or bent out of shape.

Evaluate Your Wardrobe to Determine the Best Use for Wooden Hangers

You can find a high-quality wood hanger for every purpose and in every price range. The best way to utilize a wood hanger is to ask yourself what items are in your wardrobe. Here are some suggestions:

  • Men’s and women’s pantsuits: These hangers usually have a locking, pant-bar connected to each end of the hanger. Most people prefer to hang their suits components altogether on one hanger. The bar keeps the slacks wrinkle-free and from slipping off the hanger. The top part of the hanger, keeps the suit jacket neatly shaped in the closet.
  • Women’s suits with skirts: These hangers are similar in purpose to pant-suit hangers. They keep the suit pieces together on one hanger but are specifically designed to hang a skirt instead of pants. There is a bar across the bottom with clips that hold a skirt in place underneath your hung jacket.
  • Blouses, dresses and sweaters: Lighter-weight blouses and dresses hang perfectly on thinner hangers that fit compactly alongside others in your closet. You can buy them with or without notches on the top to keep slippery fabrics or dress-straps from falling off. Quality wood hangers also come with non-slip features to keep your sweaters from sliding off or poking corners into the shoulders.
  • Pants: Wood hangers designed to keep your pants from having unsightly creases or wrinkles save you ironing time or pressing costs. You’ll also avoid the aggravation of pulling a pair of pants out of your closet, only to discover that you can’t wear them without a good, last-minute pressing if they’ve been folded over a thin, metal hanger for a few weeks.
  • Winter and fur coats: Sturdy wooden hangers designed to hold heavy winter coats keep them drier after you’ve been out in a rain or snow storm. They help you to space your coats so they have room to breathe and stay fresh in the closet and help your coats and jackets keep their shape.
  • Wool clothing: Clothing that contains wool fibers needs to be stored differently than clothes made from other fabrics. Wool is a natural fabric that needs to breathe every day whether you are wearing it in-season or storing it. It attracts moths in every climate and every home. Cedar hangers are perfect for keeping the moths at bay in the off-season so you don’t find tiny holes in your beautiful sweaters when you pull them out in fall.
  • Eco-sensitive: Bamboo hangers are ideal for people who focus on making environmentally-sensitive purchases that minimally affect the environment. Bamboo grows abundantly throughout the world and quickly renews itself after harvesting. It is as sturdy as wood and comes in the same variety of styles and colors.
  • Children’s clothing: We’ve designed wooden children’s hangers for smaller-sized clothes and outerwear. They have all the features of adult-sized hangers and have extra-smooth sanding and polishing so little hands and fingers won’t get splinters. Children’s hangers are also easier for children to use so that they can learn to be confident about choosing their clothing and about helping to put their clothing away. You can also decorate these hangers with fun shapes and colors to make laundry time more interactive and fun.
  • Fragile and delicate clothing: Wood hangers will keep your delicate items from the wear and tear caused by cheaper, less-sturdy hangers. We highly recommend wood hangers for delicate, woven items. Wood hangers keep clothing separated just enough so your wardrobe can breathe. The wood hangers also prevent delicate pieces from rubbing against each other causing snags and pulls. We suggest never using metal hangers on delicate items or sweaters because the metal can leach onto the clothing in humid climates. It can also “mold” the fabric to the garment’s shoulders or sleeves leaving odd little points on your shoulders that you may not be able to iron out.

Wooden Hangers Keep Your Clothes Organized & in Good Condition

At the Hanger Store, we know hangers. And finding the best way to keep your clothes fresh and organized is what we’ve done for over 100 years. Throughout our decades in the hanger business, we’ve listened to our customers and what they need. Our product line has expanded and grown. We are always open to our customers’ suggestions and ideas and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Let us know how we can help you preserve and care for your wardrobes. We offer both wholesale and retail price packages for your convenience. Please contact us for a quote or for any other question you have.