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Are Metal Hangers Better for Clothes?

If you’re like most people, you probably have a closet full of metal hangers left over from dry-cleaning orders and the days when you rented your first apartment. Although metal hangers happen to be very useful for a variety of unique tasks, like unclogging bathroom sinks or roasting marshmallows, you may want to consider whether they still suit your lifestyle and protect your clothing investment.

Pros and Cons of Wire Hangers

Wire hangers are inexpensive and there are plenty of them around. If you need a budget-friendly solution, reusing wire hangers is it. They can also save a lot of space in your closets. If you’re short on hanging space and need to fit in as many clothes as you can, wire hangers provide a good solution.

But, crowding your clothes could tear, rub or snag other hanging clothes. A zipper, hook, or sequin—or even the hook on the hanger itself—can inflict damage quickly. A side-effect of a stuffed closet is to instinctively close the door and go shopping instead. You may be spending money you don’t have just to avoid your closet. An organized closet truly can save you money in the long run.

In short, no one wants to deal with a bunch of tangled-up, mixed-up hangers that can snag your clothes and make it impossible to organize quickly.

Quite Simply, Wire Hangers Are Not Better for Clothes

Because they can be repurposed in so many ways and can still function as hangers, it’s difficult to throw wire hangers away. And you shouldn’t. At the very least, you can recycle them with your metal recycling in your city or donate them to the many charities that accept them for their resale and discount shops.

But, one thing you shouldn’t do with them is to use them for hanging your clothes for any length of time. Here’s why.

  • Wire hangers are too small for most pieces in your wardrobe. Over time, small metal hangers can warp and stretch your clothes, leaving them with puckers or dents in the shoulder areas. You know what we’re talking about it—it’s practically impossible to get rid of those puckers and stretch marks!
  • Wire hangers can discolor your dry-cleaned or damp clothes. Some metals can react with cleaning chemicals and moisture.
    • Don’t leave your clothes on metal hangers from the dry cleaners for longer than a few minutes after bringing them home.
    • Transfer them to wooden hangers that won’t leach rust onto the clothes.
    • Keep hangers evenly spaced to allow air to circulate around clothes.
  • Metal hangers come in basically one shape, size and weight.
    • If you hang pants over thin, metal hangers, the hangers will bend from the weight of the pants. Your nicely-pressed pants scrunch up in the middle of the hanger. You’ll end up with a big, wrinkle-line across the middle of your pants.
    • Metal hangers are not designed to provide long-term support for your clothes. Within only a few days you could end up with a big puffed-out spot on your shirt’s shoulders where the hanger points stick out.
  • Things easily slip off metal hangers or paper-covered hangers. You’ll find your clothes in piles on your closet floor.

While wire hangers save space and are economical, they can end up ruining your wardrobe. Thicker, sturdier hangers made from wood preserve your investment and keep you organized, sane and less-prone to impulse shopping induced by wire-hanger-closet-shock.

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