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Are Baby Clothes Hangers and Kid Clothes Hangers the Same?

Baby hangers are different. They’re an adorable 10” in size to gently fit baby clothes without stretching or slipping. Kid hangers are a versatile 12” to cover those in-between years. Keep your kids’ closets organized with the right sized hangers that stand the test of time.

What Size Hangers Do I Need for My Baby’s Clothes?

If you’re a new parent, there are probably upwards of a million things buzzing through your head at any given moment. Chances are, you never pictured yourself reading a blog about clothing hangers for kids, but here we are. We get it, being organized at home helps you feel organized elsewhere and we’re here to help.

Baby sized hangers start at 10”. This is the perfect size to hold those pint-sized onesies, tank tops, pajamas, dresses and shirts—especially the nice ones from grandma. To hang your baby’s pants and skirts, use hangers with clips. Sturdy metal clips ensure you won’t find those slippery leggings or tights laying on the closet floor an hour later. They also work great to organize hats and mittens, costumes or other accessories.

Quality wooden kids’ clothes hangers will hold up over years of use and abuse and survive several rounds of siblings. Our 10” sized hangers will serve you well between the ages of 0-3.

What Size Hanger Is Best for Kids’ Clothing?

By age four your child has probably graduated to toddler (aka big kid) clothes. And between the ages of 4-12, kids become more independent, able to take on responsibility. Providing your child with the right tools to keep their closets organized will help set the standard for years to come.

Our 12” hangers are designed for kids’ clothes up until their teen years when they’re ready for normal adult 15”-17” hangers. Quality kids’ hangers will hold your baseball jerseys, princess dresses and favorite outfits for years. Someday when your kids outgrow those beloved outfits, you may want to store them—hanger and all—in another closet to preserve the memories.

The Best Kids’ Clothes Hangers for the Job

Hanger Store stocks a wide selection of all the baby and kids’ hangers your family will ever need.

  • Wooden top hangers: These are sturdy go-to hangers for all your shirts, tops, jackets, and dresses. They come in 10” baby or 12” kid
  • Top hangers with metal clips: These hangers securely hold all your pants, jeans, leggings and skirts. They’re great for keeping special outfits in one place. Available in white or natural in 10” baby or 12” kid sizes.
  • Notched wooden hangers: Our notched hangers are just the right size to keep tank tops and strapped dresses from slipping. They come in white and are available in 10” baby or 12” kid

We Make It Easy to Organize Your Child’s Closet

It takes time to organize your child’s closet. Yet, it’s time well spent. Call us at 800-229-4151 or send us a message today and let us help you take the stress out of keeping your child’s wardrobe organized.