Wood vs. Metal Hangers for Coats & Shirts

It’s easy for us to place our new coats or shirts in our closets using the hangers the store provided or old, wire hangers we’ve had for years. Unfortunately, this leaves our garments susceptible to rips and tears. It’s also easy for them to slip the floor, leaving our closets a mess.

Wooden or metal hangers can keep your clothing secure while providing the closet organization you need. Yet, which do you choose? Is wood the better choice or should you go with metal?

The Differences Between Wood & Metal Hangers

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Are Baby Clothes Hangers and Kid Clothes Hangers the Same?

Baby hangers are different. They’re an adorable 10” in size to gently fit baby clothes without stretching or slipping. Kid hangers are a versatile 12” to cover those in-between years. Keep your kids’ closets organized with the right sized hangers that stand the test of time.

What Size Hangers Do I Need for My Baby’s Clothes?

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Who Really Uses Wood Hangers?

Who uses wood hangers?

Wooden hangers are not just for celebrities, business execs and boutique clothing stores. Anyone who wants an organized closet can turn to wooden hangers to keep their clothes looking camera-ready, wrinkle-free and dry.

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Not Using Wooden Hangers in Your Store? Rookie Mistake!

retail store wooden hangers

As a business-savvy retailer, you know that how you display your merchandise, greatly influences whether you sell it. If a customer walks into your store and finds a hot mess of clothes all smashed together on a rack, that customer is not likely going to waste time digging through anything.

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