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15" Clothing Hangers

Treat your delicate and high-quality garments to padded luxury with our 15-inch hangers.

These soft-to-the-touch satin hangers preserve the shape of your clothes without stretching, wrinkling or wearing fine fabrics. They’re perfect for delicate knits and evening wear and add a noticeable touch of elegance to your closet.

Our 15-inch hangers fit most women’s blouses, dresses and skirts. Preserve the shoulders on your fine jackets, hang delicate lingerie, and keep that favorite cardigan from losing its shape or slipping off. Padded hangers are versatile and gentle on everything you put on them.

We also offer custom 15-inch hangers for that extra personal touch. They make exquisite gifts for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

Add a soft touch to your closet and your clothes with our most elegant hangers. You’ll love how this simple upgrade revolutionizes the way you store your clothes.

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