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12" Clothes Hangers

The Hanger Store is your online source for 12 inch clothes hangers for kid shirts, pants, sweaters and more. Owned & operated by Beverly Coat Hanger Co.

Keeping anything organized for your kids can be a challenge.

Put their closets in order with durable wooden hangers that stand up to wear and tear. Our 12-inch hangers are the perfect way to teach your impressionable youngster the importance of treating their clothes right.

Kids love the different hangers for different jobs—clips for pants and notches for straps. Parents love the sense of cohesion and the order that quality wooden hangers bring to a cluttered closet. Everyone loves when they can find that special shirt when no other will do.

These hangers are available in white or a natural finish and fit most pint-sized garments

Trust Hanger Store to bring your child’s closet out of the chaos and into order. Say goodbye to crumpled clothes on the bedroom floor with wooden hangers they’ll actually want to use.

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