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Premium Wood, Metal & Satin Padded Clothing Hangers

High-quality wood hangers that bring the calm back to your closet and your morning routine.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the tangled mess you see every time you open your closet door?
  • Are you starting to notice marshmallow puffs growing out of sweaters and knit tops hanging on wire hangers?
  • Are customers running out of your retail space when they encounter your racks of disorganized garments?

Here at Hanger Store, we provide high-quality wood hangers that bring the calm back to your closet and your morning routine. They warmly invite customers to linger in your store and enjoying the beautiful things you’re selling.

Yes, wood hangers keep your clothes beautiful and organized. But they are so much more. They are naturally beautiful, sensual and warm. By helping you keep organized, they let you breathe deeply, relax, and enjoy seeing your life or your retail business as calm and orderly.

For All Your Clothes

Wooden Hangers

Fine wooden clothing hangers for adult and teen sized men and women. Available in standard hanger sizes of 14″17″18″ and 18.5″.

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Wooden Top HangersWooden Top Hangers Deluxe Wooden Suit HangersDeluxe Wooden Suit Hangers Bamboo HangersBamboo Hangers Notched Wooden HangersNotched Wooden Hangers White Wooden HangersWhite Wooden Hangers Wooden Bottom HangersWooden Bottom Hangers

For the Young Ones

Kids Hangers

Natural wood child sized hangers for kids, juniors, babies, infants and toddlers. Available in hanger sizes of 10″ and 12″.

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Children's Wooden HangersChildren's Wooden Hangers Children's Wooden Hangers with ClipsChildren's Wooden Hangers with Clips Children's Notched Wooden HangersChildren's Notched Wooden Hangers

Heavy Duty

Metal Hangers

Chrome plated metal clothing hangers made from heavy duty stainless steel with a bright metallic silver finish. Available in a 16.75″ hanger size.

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Metal HangersMetal Hangers Metal Hangers with ClipsMetal Hangers with Clips

Delicate for your Delicates

Padded Hangers

Padded clothing hangers are covered in an ivory white satin flock over a soft cotton batting. Available in a 15″ hanger size.

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Satin Padded HangersSatin Padded Hangers

Decorate a Little

Closet Accessories

Solid Spanish Cedar hearts laser engraved with the words “Love”, “Peace” and “Joy”. Each heart comes with attached satin ribbon for ease of hanging. Set of 3 in a gift box.

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Cedar Hearts Gift SetCedar Hearts Gift Set

Be Unique

Custom Clothes Hangers

Custom hanger production is our speciality. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are structured to accommodate the efficient production of virtually any garment hanger design or finish.

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For your store

Retail Hanger Orders

Looking for high-quality retail hangers for your store? The Hanger Store has a large line of quality wooden, children’s, metal, and padded hangers that will fit your retail location perfectly. Take a look at our retail hanger selection.

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Big Deals for you

Wholesale Clothing Hanger Orders

Hanger Store is a division of Beverly Coat Hanger Co., Inc., the industries preeminent wholesaler of closet hangers to retailers since 1915. Contact us if you are interested in a wholesale orders. When you order wholesale, you’ll save at least 15%!

Inquire About Wholesale Ordering

Tell Us What You Need, and We’ll Find it for You

There is no challenge we can’t handle. In fact, we thrive on finding ways to make your personal life easier and more organized and your business more profitable and presentable—at least where clothes are concerned. Give us a call to learn how we can help.

Wooden Hangers Can Improve Your Image, Your Profits and Your Disposition

At the Hanger Store, helping you take care of your clothes is our passion. We would love to hear from you and see how we can help you transform your wardrobe, your business and your life.

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Why Purchase Hangers from Us?

We’ve been in business for over 100 years. That means that we know exactly what kind of product you’ll need, whether you’re a retail business that only wants the best for your customers or an individual who wants to keep your clothes looking sharp and new for years.

Although our designs have served our customers well over the last century, we’ve incorporated modern ideas and innovative manufacturing processes into every one of our current product lines. You’ll find that our hangers for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing offer a variety of options and choices to meet your needs.

We are here to answer your questions long after you’ve purchased our quality hangers. Taking good care of your clothes is our passion. Taking good care of our customers is our stock and trade. We’ve staked our reputation on that for over a century.

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